Announcement : Upgrade version of premium integration module

Following announcement only address to customers who subscribed to MCDS Premium integration module.MCDS premium integration module has been updated with enhance security feature and also increase the performance of data import. Following document User-Guide-For-MCDS-SMART-PREMIUM-INTEGRATION for your kind perusal and should you need further ... Read More » dateTime.jul 2017

Dear Customer,

Kindly forward this announcement to all 

Following updated guide for your kind perusal.

Email From RMC HQ Dated 31st March 2017

Dear Customer,

Kindly forward this Email From RMC HQ Dated 31st March 2017 to all operation. Any enquiry changes on PDK2017 customer may contact customs crisis centre as per attached. dateTime.mar 2017

Dear Value Customers,We are please to inform all the MCDS users, the changes of PDK2017 upgrade for MCDS front end are provide “Free Of Charge”.  All the update will be deploy online and automated via our auto update engine.  All the MCDS terminal and/or users will have up to date MCDS PDK2017 compliance on 01 April 2017 (00:01 ... Read More » dateTime.mar 2017
MCDS Support policy change

Dear Value Customers, We are please to announce that with effective 15 March 2017 management has introduce new support structure to improve our KPI for support of MCDS application. The existing phone support will be gradually reduce and eventually cease off with effective 1 April 2017. Under the new support structure all the request from support ... Read More »

22dateTime.nd dateTime.mar 2017

Dear Customer,The following email from Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd. for your perusal. Attached SURAT PELAKSANAAN PELEPASAN KE ATAS PENGIMPORTAN DAGANGAN DI BAWAH JADUAL________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: 17 March 2017Ref No : ... Read More » dateTime.mar 2017
User Guide for Two-Factor Authentication (OTP Token) for MCDS front end application

Dear Customer,For all MCDS user that received One Time Password Token sent out by MCDS, you are able to start use the One Time Password Token you had purchased. The following are the guide to use the Two-Factor Authentication for MCDS front end application:User are able click ... Read More » Sep 2016
[Announcement Correction on typo] 2nd factor authentication token

[Announcement] 2nd factor authentication token Date: Monday, 26th September 2016Time: 12:00amPlease note that there is an typo in the 2nd factor authentication token as announced in the AnnouncementTo avoid any destruction on the MCDS front end application, please order your token and allow us to deliver your token before the implementation in ... Read More » Sep 2016
[Announcement] 2nd factor authentication token

Dear Value Customers, We had processed 98% of MCDS subscriber token ordered, your token will be ship out today (Monday) 26 Sept 2016. The 2nd factor authentication will be "ACTIVATE via patch 686” and deployed via patch on 3 OTC 2016. To avoid any destruction on the MCDS front end application, please order your token and allow us to deliver ... Read More » Sep 2016
Reminder implementation of Two-Factor Authentication for MCDS front end application

Dear Value Customers, We wise to remind that, the implementation of 2nd factor authentication (security token) will taken place soon on 1 OCT 2016 (12 days remains).  The restriction of 5 dongles order per company has now been uplift to meet the over warming request. Please order your token earlier to allow token reach your office before 1 ... Read More » Sep 2016